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Guangzhou Biotechnology Center (GZBIO)

Welcome to Guangzhou Biotechnology Center
Guangzhou Biotechnology Center (GZBIO), under supervision of the   Biotechnology Steering Group of Guangzhou Municipal Government and the Guangzhou Bureau of Science and Information Technology, is a professional service agency for biotech R&D and pharmaceutical industry. The services GZBIO provides are industry and marketing research, policy consultation, professional activities planning, project evaluation, commercialization, academic exchange and information service, etc.
GZBIO enjoys a close relationship with the local government, associations, R&D centers, universities, high-tech start-ups in Guangzhou area as well as some oversea organizations of the same trade. GZBIO’s mission is “to promote biotech industry with science and technology, to serve society with knowledge, and to create values with excellent services”. With this as principle, GZBIO has built up a scientific network as public service platform and endeavored to provide supportive services to biotech R&D and its industry by forging its core services like information service, project consultation and evaluation and R&D outsourcing.
GZBIO enjoys an advantageous geographical location for being in the heartland of the Pearl River Delta and in the neighborhood of Hong Kong and Macao. It has a professional team of responsibility, efficiency and experience. It has access to government information resources and is granted some extended mandatory administration and can consolidate social resources to set up a professional service network. GZBIO is in a unique position to help biotech R&D centers and companies to enhance innovation and competition by providing one-stop professional services.

For further information about GBC, kindly visit us at:
http://www.gzbio.org  /  http://www.gzbio.net
Contact Information:
Email: center@gzbio.org
Tel: 8620-87568623,22645956 
Fax: 8620-87568673 
Address: 34 Long Kou Dong Lu, 3rd Fl., Tianhe District,
Guangzhou, 510630 P. R. China