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Sourth China Center for Innovative Pharmaceticals

Profile of SCCIP

Established in October, 2008 with its location at Guangzhou Science City and registered in science sector at Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department, South China Center for Innovative Pharmaceuticals (hereinafter referred to as “SCCIP”) was founded as a private non-enterprise organization to provide services in biology medicine innovation activities. The competent authority in charge of the business of SCCIP is Guangdong Provincial Science & Technology Department, implementing the “center director responsibility” system under the leadership of Council. 

The mission of SCCIP is to upgrade independent innovation capability and industrial competitiveness for new drug in Guangdong. Under the guidance of government and operation in an entrepreneurial manner, we will combine high quality resources together for new drug originated from both internal and external sectors, search new mode for new drug innovation, facilitate structural transformation for Guangdong medical industry, promote industry development in groups and in globalization mode so as to allow SCCIP to have a proper place as strategic base in the field of new drug innovation across the country, exerting a great influence worldwide. 

As defined as an accelerator in medical industry the SCCIP is first to speed up development and industrialization for new drug innovation projects and facilitate the growth of enterprises for their new drug R&D, secondly, with the means of virtual and actual combination to build up major technical platform by merging regionally available innovation resources to improve the new drug innovation chain thereby serving new drug innovation.   

SCCIP is one of three major innovation platforms under construction formulated in the Reform and Development of The Pearl River Delta Region Planning Framework(2008-2020), which independently undertakes the construction of “South China Comprehensive New Drug R&D Platform”in the key projects of the “Innovation and Production of Major New Drug” in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, and is incorporated into the national new drug innovation and production system. The construction fund of 700M Yuan at Phase I has been arranged to put into several new drug projects and introduce a number of innovation teams as well as a group of elite overseas; SCCIP has furnished some specialized laboratories at high level with total floor space of 30,000 or more square meters and equipped with a world-class level of precision instruments and equipment; a general technical service platform focusing on clinical trial, animal experiments, quality study and validation, analysis and determination, and pilot together with other special technology platforms for investigation focusing on vaccine R&D, recombinant drugs, advanced formulation, TCM, chemical drugs, translational medicine and comprehensive service platform focusing on medical information, medical investment and financing, new drug application and patent application have been completed or are under construction to provide the “one-stop” services for new drug R&D, thereby improving efficiency of project R&D and speeding up development and industrialization of the project.  

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Driving Route

From downtown of Guangzhou

1.    Zhongshan Avenue – Daguan Road – Guangpu Road West – Lanyue Road - Guangdong South China Center for Innovative Pharmaceuticals

2.    Guangyuan Expressway – Keyun Road (N.)- Yunxi Road- Kexue Avenue – Lanyue Road- Guangdong South China Center for Innovative Pharmaceuticals

From Shenzhen and Dongguan

Dongguan - G4 JingGangAo Highway – Luogong/Nangang Exit – Kaichuang Avenue – Kexue Avenue – Lanyue Road - Guangdong South China Center for Innovative Pharmaceuticals

From Zhongshan

Zhongshan – G4WGuangAo Highway – Development Zone/Huangpu/Guangzhou municipal area/Bicun Exit – Guangyuan Expressway – Fengle Road(N.)/Kefeng Exit – Fengle Road North –Kefeng Road – Guangpu Road Middle - Lanyue Road- Guangdong South China Center for Innovative Pharmaceuticals

Bus Route

Railway Station – Lanyue Road West

The distance from Guangzhou Railway Station to Metro Line 5 near the Entrance B of the Station is about 200M by walking. Take Line 5 to get off at the Entrance C of Chebeinan Station (12 stations), then cross the road to take Bus No. 574 to get off at stop the of Lanyue Road West (17 stops).

East Railway Station  – Lanyue Road West

Take Bus No. B19 at the Bus Terminal of Guangzhou Railway Station (Bus No. 41 for long route) (10 stops), get off at the stop of Jiajiale Hospital, cross the road and turn right to the other stop of Jiajiale Hospital to transfer to Bus No. 506A (15 stops) or No. 574 (15 stops) and get off at the stop of Lanyue Road West.