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National Engineering Research Center of Genetic Medicine Guangdong Jida Genetic Medicine Engeering Research Center Co.,Ltd

The National Engineering Research Center of Genetic Medicine (NERCGM) is the first and only national engineering research center license by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in the area of genetic engineering medicines.  As a bridge linking the biomedicine technology and the market, NERCGM becomes an important part of the national new medicine innovative system.
The development of the NERCGM is based on the research of key technologies of upstream discovery and middle-scale and large-scale production of innovative genetic engineering medicines.  To achieve this, four technology platforms are established, including 1) high-efficiency expression and modification of recombinant proteins, 2) high-throughput screening for functional genes and proteins, 3) purification and refolding of the recombinant proteins and the middle-scale amplifying technology, and 4) investigation of stability and formula of bioproducts.  The ultimate goal of NERCGM is to promote the innovative research and industrialization of biotech medicines in China and to accelerate the progress of Chinese biomedicine and biotech industry.
The project of NERCGM was approved in June 2005 after four steps of evaluation, i.e. initial evaluation, debate, on-site inspection and final evaluation.  The total investment of the NERCGM will be 100 million Chinese RMB.  A main research center is constructed at Jinan University and 12,000 m2 product demonstration base is constructed at Guangzhou Science City of GETDD.  Production lines for eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell expressed proteins, and the formulation lines for freeze-dried powder and gel are constructed at the demonstration base meeting the requirements of GMP. 

The predecessor of NERCGM is the Engineering Research Center of Genomic Drugs (under the Ministry of Education).  The Engineering Research Center of Genomic Drugs had conducted effective research focusing on the recombinant growth factors, such as bFGF and aFGF, and dozens of national research projects such as “863” programs (National Programs for High Technology Research and Development”), “973” programs (National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development) and National Nature Science Foundation programs had been granted.  Four Class I new medicines have been approved to enter clinical trials, among which two medicines have obtained the Certification of New Drug and been commercialized successfully.   In addition, several national science and technology awards have been awarded to NERCGM.  All of these achievements provide foundation for the development of NERCGM.

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