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     Hong Kong drug registration centre is approved by the Hong Kong government and specialized in registering health products, healthcare products, Chinese medicines and drugs. The center is one of the largest in Hong Kong with national background, owning world-class registration experts, Chinese medicine experts, M.D. and M.S. in Chinese medicine. The center has operated for several years with high reputation and efficiency, and won a huge group of customers. These customers came from over 355 entities in China or around the world. The center has applied over 4000 drug applications, accounting for tens of billions Yuan, and the success rate exceeded 98%.

        Experts in the center are familiar with registration regulations of Hong Kong on Chinese medicine. They are able to conduct feasibility assessment on drugs for application to meet needs of different clients; prepare various required registration documents following registration laws and regulations; the whole course from document preparation, drug testing to document submission is managed by a specialized staff, so that single success rate can reach 98%, which saves time, money and energy of client. The center is committed to providing high-quality, efficient and confidential drug registration services in Hong Kong.

        The center can offer “registration in Hong Kong” client with high-quality, non-stop, professional services, concerning manufacturing high-quality "Made in Hong Kong" products, creating reputed brands and building sales networks, thus the products can penetrate into Hong Kong and overseas market more swiftly and the client can obtain profit and international reputation.

Hong Kong Tel.:(852) 2543 6999 Hong Kong Fax:(852) 2177 6999 China Tel.: (86) 13570052023

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