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Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH), is a government- sponsored scientific research institute affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Located in Guangzhou Science Park, it covers an area of 64,546 square meters with a planned 71,754 square meters of building space, including laboratories, educational areas and office buildings. With more than 300 researchers and 200 graduate students, GIBH is dedicated to focusing on leading research in pathogenesis mechanisms, technological innovation and integration of cutting-edge technologies.
By enhancing its capability of local innovation and competency in the field of biomedicine and health, GIBH aims to be a R&D centre specializing in the core technology of pathogenic mechanisms and biomedical and chemical sciences; a platform contributing to the improvement of global biomedicine and relevant industries; a base attracting and cultivating leading talents in international science frontier; and a window in South China for bringing in international cooperation in the field of biomedicine.

Driven by the demands of the Chinese national health and the development of biomedicine, GIBH is dedicated to focusing on leading research in pathogenic mechanisms, technological innovation, and high level integration. Additionally, GIBH seeks to enhance its capability of R&D and commercialization in the fields of biomedicine, vaccines and diagnose in order to promote the development of Chinese and global standard of health care and medicine.

Major Areas of Research Expertise
Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Chemical Biology, Infection and Immunity.



The Public Instrument Center
The center accommodates most of GIBH’s instruments, worth a total of 55 million RMB. Instruments include Flow Cytometer, Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope, High Content Screening System, DNA/RNA Synthesizer, Peptide Synthesizer, Biomolecular Interaction Analysis, X-ray Diffractometer, 400MHz and 500MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, Liquid Chromatogram-Mass spectrometry, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer, high performance centrifugal machines, and PCR Amplifiers. The center opens its service externally after the internal demands are met.

The total value of the instruments at GIBH is worth 110 million RMB, among which there are 91 instruments valued at over 200,000 RMB. 

The laboratory Animal Centre
The centre aims to build a leading platform of laboratory animals by observing the stringent quality control and standard operating procedures in order to perform high quality animal experiments. The center covers an area of 4,400 square meters and provides GIBH research teams with standardized animals, reliable facilities which assist research teams to complete related experiments.

The centre, which is run entirely by ALLAC standards, goes for ALLAC verification and has obtained the certification of qualified laboratory animal facilities and the license for using laboratory animal issued by Guangdong Laboratory Animal monitoring Institute. Recently, the centre has become the largest standard laboratory animal centre in Guangdong Province which has established stable collaborating relationships with the Guangdong Laboratory Animal Monitoring Institute, Shanghai Laboratory Animal Centre of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and many colleges and universities in the Guangdong area.

Address: 190 Kai Yuan Avenue, Science Park, Guangzhou, China

Zipcode: 510530

Tel: 86-20-32015300

Fax: 86-20-32015299

Email: office@gibh.org

Website: http://english.gibh.cas.cn